How a Power Pressure Cooker made my New Year’s Eve

I’ve had good New Year’s Eves and bad New Year’s Eves, but this year was perhaps the best I’ve ever had and I have my Power Pressure Cooker to thank for it.

December 31, 2017 was on its way to becoming another bad, boring New Year’s Eve with nothing to do. It was the day prior and every friend or family member I spoke to either already had plans or wasn’t planning on doing much. I started to think I should have definitely started asking around much sooner if I wanted to actually find a fun way to bring in the New Year.

But that’s when I got a brilliant idea: host my very own last-minute New Year’s Eve party and invite all of my friends and family who didn’t have plans yet. I had never hosted a party like that before so I didn’t really know where to start and knew I didn’t have much time, but I got right to work. First I reached out to people to make sure there was interest. There was. About 15-20 people said they would most likely show up. It looked like this could be a good idea after all!

Next, I had to make sure I set up my new surround sound speakers I got for Christmas so that the party could have some awesome music. Then I moved some furniture around my house to open up the space a little bit more and make it more of a party atmosphere

But that’s when a dilemma dawned on me: I needed food for the party!!! I called around to some of the local restaurants, but with such short notice none of them were able to accommodate my catering needs. So I had to turn to Plan B.

I remembered another one of my Christmas gifts was a Power Pressure Cooker and I had yet to use it. The box said it can make all kinds of food up to 70 percent faster than other kitchen appliances, so I figured why not give it a shot and make all the food for my party.

So I went out to the grocery store and grabbed some ingredients to make some of the Power Pressure Cooker recipes that I found online. I woke up early the next morning and started preparing the food in my Power Pressure Cooker. The box was right. I was able to make sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, short ribs, meatballs, glazed carrots, chili, and bread pudding all in a fraction of the time it would have normally taken me. I couldn’t believe it!

Not only was the food done in time and the party a total success, I even got tons of compliments on my cooking, which then helped me make my New Year’s resolution: stop eating out as much and make more meals at home.

Should be easy to accomplish now that I know how to use my Power Pressure Cooker.

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